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Originally Posted by itsallgood View Post
That's very smart and saves a lot of money. I was blessed to be able to get my 32GB S4 for only $150. (Traded in my old Motorola Backflip for $100 towards the S4). I probably still would have paid the $250, original price for the S4, but would have wondered if I could have waited a few months for a price drop.
On Sept. 13th my Sprint contract will be up and I can quit Sprint. I already have the new phone and new system provider, I just had to wait to end my contract with Sprint. Then I can take my old iPhone to Best Buy and turn it in for $100 US. I had to keep it because I needed it to speak with Sprint, I had to keep it on system till the exact end of my contract. Even after over 20 years with them they would not cut be any slack. Nice bunch right. Anyway I will be in good shape as Best Buy has always treated me good.
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