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Originally Posted by iwoloschin View Post

While some VZW stores are great, most are terrible, and will waste your time, turn your hair grey, and make you want to punch someone in the face. Pick up your phone and call VZW, their phone support is way better. Plus, if you just call them you don't even need to be wearing pants!

In all seriousness though, I had issues with two or three separate VZW stores in the Boston, MA area when the GNex came out. Terrible service, inaccurate information, and one store actually just wound up sitting me down behind the desk on the phone with the VZW phone based customer support because the idiots at the store couldn't actually do anything.


Regarding the Note 3, I've currently got a GNex, and I'm eyeing the Note 3. Concerned about the comparatively massive size, and was thinking of waiting for a physical release to get some hands on time (...yeah...going to a store...). Does anyone have comments on how well the Note 3 (or Note 2) will fit into a "standard" guys pants pocket?
I am also from the Boston area and know what you mean about the Verizon store personal.

I had the Gnex (loved it) and now have the Note2. Its not too big at all. Fits into a pocket fine though it might be too big sometimes for using with one hand but you get used to it. The bigger screen certainly helps with not having to use my reading glasses to read an email.
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