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Default What the Nexus 5 BETTER have

I have always loved the nexus phones and the perks behind them. But I cannot stand one trend specifically that has been following us since the Galaxy Nexus S... lack of MicroSD card expansion. If you are someone like me for example who has a lot of music, pictures, videos and so forth then you likely have an SD card. Google however keeps dodging the implementation of a microSD card slot in their phones. Why? I Don't know. Instead of just adding that little component they instead keep using their money on cloud services. It sounds nice but I have tried it first hand on the galaxy nexus and nexus 4. Truth of the matter is, unless your paying for a truley unlimited data plan that does not throttle you then you are screwed. 2 songs brought me up to 100mb and I get throttled at 2.5gb. What happens if I go on a 8 hour road trip and play my music in their car? And there's also that chance you may be on an airplane that does not have wifi or charges you for the service. Then what, you cannot use your data so the cloud service all together is useless. Pray you have enough games is my advice. If the nexus 5 could have an internal layout or spec sheet like the S4 combined with the software optimizations on the Moto X, then you've got a deal. I will sign up for that contract in a heartbeat. Also, LTE never killed anybody (I hope)
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