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Wow, I see names I recognize here from the Droid Incredible days.

I was thinking Note 3 or G2 but I don't think I can deal with the size of the Note 3 so I'm going with the G2 to replace my GNex. I figured there's no shot at getting the Nexus 5 on Verizon so I'm hoping this gets dev attention being close to the N5 in specs. The thing that scares me about LG is the lack of support for software upgrades, at least based on their track record. I've been spoiled by owning the GNex, even despite the delays being on Verizon, due to the strong dev community support so this is a must in the next phone. If Samsung refreshed the S4 with the S800 processor and LTE-A, I'd just go that route. The G2 will be my first smartphone sans OLED (Incredible, Charge, GNex). I'm also worried about missing the deep blacks on my phone.
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