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Originally Posted by OGWillikers View Post
First up is the speakers are blown. Apparently the same speakers for music and the earpiece are the same because it's now pretty useless for calls with me always saying "what" when it crackles.

This happened on a Sunday night after the closest T-Mobile store closed, and pre-update that limited volume. Later that night my phone fell out of my pocket when getting out of my car (a Miata... Short drop) and the screen has a tiny crack that I don't see as needing replaced, but ruins my warranty replacement idea.
That REALLY sucks. I would be really frustrated if I was in the same situation.

You posted about your blown speaker way back on July 26th... I know how hectic life can get but why not try to get your warranty replacement right away after the device was damaged from circumstances within the carrier's control (this was pretty clearly T-Mobile's fault as they had enough issues that they had to issue an update to lower their volume setting - other carriers did not seem to have this same problem).

Also I see a number of posts of yours past and present regarding dropping devices. If you have a track record of working in an adverse environment or being hard on your devices, why not take some extra precaution when handling the device? Yeah, the old slick smartphone sliding out of angled dress pants pockets right out the car door trick. I had that one happen with an older device when getting out of my 2-seater too, really frustrating (luckily no cracks). I don't put a phone in my dress pants pockets anymore before or after driving.

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