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Originally Posted by spthomas View Post
I'm having problems with my HTC ONE when I'm on mobile data (not wifi it works fine). Randomly the unit's mobile data will freeze. It still displays the 4g icon, still says "connected" in Settings. But no data is moving, and reports "searching for nearest server" until it times out.

I did side by side with my wife's Sprint Samsung Galaxy III. Hers was about 4mbit dl, mine still stuck on "searching for nearest server". did that 3 times on different days, same result.

Sometimes it will just start working. Again. Sometimes on reboot it works. Sometimes not.
Originally Posted by marctronixx View Post
Does it happen everywhere or in certain areas?

Seems its only occurring when in 4G areas? Is this correct?

If you are in a fringe 4G area and the phone is constantly switching back and forth between 3G and 4G, this is most likely the reason.
^ Almost certainly, this sounds like the issue.

A tip I have come across that helps sometimes is to switch on Airplane Mode for a minute and then switch it off. It will 'cycle' the radios and force a reconnect to mobile networks without rebooting the entire device. The Airplane Mode trick usually forces the device to Pick 3G or Pick 4G (LTE) whichever is stronger at the time and get you out of limbo.

I'm on a fringe LTE area and can't hold the signal very consistently (Sprint). My phone switches between 3G and 4G alot and often times I get stuck in this limbo land with no signal between 3G and 4G during the (poor) handoff.
Not even the Airplane Mode trick will help for a long period of time, so at home I keep my setting to 3G CDMA only and only switch it when I know I'm in a more 4G signal saturated area. (if you aren't familiar with this setting, please see the second part of this post)

The Samsung Galaxy S3 and HTC One have a different hardware make up, antennae, and radios, which is why one may be getting a signal and the other appears not to.
Also, if your city or "market" is just getting LTE rolled out to it you may find various strange connection problems.

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