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Originally Posted by noirelion View Post
Yeah. Its a crime GTA PC users have to wait.
My rotten son wants me to pre-order for him on his x360 or PSwhatever# it is now...but I'm feeling spiteful.
I bought the 5 dollar Amazon Android app GTA Vice City- for my phone- but I think it only will work on my Kindle Fire 7" HD.... and they keep playing the GTA 5 commercial on tv everywhere -to irk me....
Only good news is- Arsenio Hall Show is back on tonight in Philly on PHL17 havent watched his show since early 90s.... Be good to see him and the Posse 2.0 back on TV again... wonder who his guests will be...

Arsenio Hall is back hu? Thats cool. I used to watch him too back in the day...unfortunately for Arsenio, its all about the Daily Show and Colbert Report for me now. I'm assuming they're gonna be on in the same 11:00 time slot.

Originally Posted by noirelion View Post
Roms- Infamous and Deathstalker -both gave me bootloops....

I want a stock metro rom rooted or unrooted to make like a chef-in my droid kitchen...
and all the backups etc... are stuck in some mega upload cloud- that doesnt work even when you register...or some similar cloud storage fiasco....

anyone have a link to a clean NON TMO- branded stock Metro Rom for the GS4? from a decent source... where you hit the download button and something actually downloads?
No NON TMO branded stock rom for the our S4 exist yet. All flashable roms that work for our S4 are currently from other phones. If its important to have a Metro brand rom then just stick to stock for now. There are mods like Xposed that let you turn your stock rom into a sort of custom rom. The Wanam module does what alot of these custom roms do but for your stock Metro system.

Personally, I've been using Infamous exclusively and only boot looped the first time i flashed because i forgot to wipe data, so its odd that you bootlooped with both roms. The download area for Infamous can be difficult to find as the link wont work from within tapatalk. When you go to their XDA site with tapatalk and click the green download button it just pops up the green button image and nothing more...its supposed to take you to another forum that has the download link. Instead, use a PC browser to download or use web view within tapatalk. Theres also Wicked rom, but that is made by the same dev as Infamous and probably uses the same base.

Heres the link for Infamous rom

Click on the green folder and pick the version you want. Most recent is v6 but it requires you to purchase the 3minit app from playstore for 2 bucks. If you want to go the free route then v4 is for you. Please follow the directions!!!!!
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