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Originally Posted by royalnine View Post
Is it possible like every other phone I have owned to lower the MP setting in the camera. Example, I always set all my phones to capture in no more then 1 MP because the majority of my pictures just go quickly online for items I am selling. I do not want to wait for larger resolution pics to upload and/or re size them in another step.

Suggestions? I can't find the option in the camera.

This is a 2 day old Verizon ONE FYI.

Thanks in advance
Wow. You know, I didn't even think to lok for that feature way back when I first got the One. I just assumed it would be there. Like you said, it has existed on pretty much every phone I have had in the past decade. Surprisingly,I don't see any option for that on my Sprint One either. I mean, for me personally, it doesn't matter. I always set it to the highest available anyway, but I can see your point. I'm always annoyed when extra options are removed. I don't like being FORCED to do things a certain way.

The only option I have is to change the video quality, not the regular pictures.
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