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Your iTunes-purchased music is free of DRM, but Apple encoded your account details into each song for tracing purposes in the event of piracy.

Although you're doing nothing wrong, near as I can tell, Google is sensing that header information and rejecting the copy because they can't verify you're the owner.

Yeah - I know.

Do you have a Dropbox account? You may be able to place them there and play them with another music player or sync them that way.

Once upon a time, iTunes music did have DRM, but that was a while ago and the songs were 99 cents.

Your alternative is to convert them into MP3 files. Help in iTunes will explain how using a cd drive, and you can skip the plastic by searching for a virtual cd drive for your pc (Windows or Mac) - you can find those for free. That ought to allow the upload to Google.

Don't know about cars and Bluetooth.

Hope this helps!

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