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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
PPI is worthless. We all know that. Resolution is also not that important, unless in a peeing contest. Moto X proved that Apple (conservative) way is just fine in this day and age.

For an average person, i would bet that brightness (aka readability outside) is far more important than PPI and resolution...and since all screens nowadays are very pixel-densed (above 320PPI), i would go even further to say that brightness is the MOST important feature of a display. 2nd? Color accuracy. Everything else is of little importance to me (and most folks).

So, although the article tries to be neutral and fair, you have to see thru it and get what is MOST IMPORTANT to you...or in this case, me (and probably most avg folks). I learn this the hard way with my Note 2.

Your car analogy does not work. If you know cars, then you know that a car can't be all #1s in those categories and suck at lateral g. They are all inter-related. Not so with a phone display! Phone display stands out as an independent factor in a phone experience. Software can correct color accuracy to "some" degree, but brightness is not correctable with aftersale software least, none that i know of recently.

Most folks and I don't care about LG Viper or those other 99% phones that you buy at Walmart for pre-paid services. What i care about is how G2 compares with its peers, its competitors, and its class. Remember, by the time that G2 comes out, its internals are no better than its modern peers. Its camera is great among Android (for now), but may not be much better (if at all) than iP 5S.

Impressive? Yes. But, a disappointing display is a disappointing display. Notice that not one review/preview said that G2 display was class-leading. Not one. Until i can get my hands on it, i find this a bit disappointing. Remember, LG introduced this display as being the latest and greatest among ALL screens.
Wow, you have little perspective here. Its either the best, or it sucks. The car analogy was apt, as I said it was 3rd in lateral Gs. And if you looked at the other metrics I listed, a car can indeed have be best in all those categories and not have top lateral Gs. Superior HP and braking are a bit more important for those listed.

I think you need to realize that most reviewers got early release samples. And if I remember correctly, Anandtech was a quick review, not in depth.

Finally, you seem to mention average consumers. But most consumers have chosen Samsung phones for Android. You know, the ones with SAMOLED displays that are neither bright nor have decent color accuracy. So you are flat out wrong. People don't care about those things.

You'll either like the device or not when released. It certainly may be disappointing to you. But by the other responses here, its clear your in the minority with your opinion on the display.
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