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Originally Posted by spthomas View Post
Still seems to happen in most areas, even where there is a fairly strong 4G signal, like 5-10Mbit. But twice when I pulled up near the Sprint store, which as a 20mbit 4G signal, it came on. Like that really strong signal overrode whatever was causing the problem.

I'll watch it a few more days. It's under 1 year warranty, so I've got 10 months to take it back if I need to.

Thanks everyone, this was a lot of help!

Exactly like Marc is saying, just guesses here:

Best guess: One of the other Sage Android Forums staff members, EarlyMon, highly recommends contacting higher level Sprint tech support over the phone and scheduling an 'RF Box Test' at a local corporate store to help test and diagnose your self-proposed hardware problem or radio deficiencies. I think this is a situation where you might benefit from this test or being able to speak with the tech that does the test for you in regard to the symptoms. I'm assuming that they can run a test on the 4G connection and will be able to tell you if it is not performing up to snuff.

Not so good guess:
You could look in your settings and see if the Sprint One has a readout of your active data connection. It should be in 'Settings -> About -> Network' or a similar path (could be moved/removed on the One) There are also applications in the 'Play' market that can help show this data to you (OpenSignal is one).
3G should show some details like these:
Operator: Sprint
Signal Strength: -92dBm
Mobile Network Type: CDMA -EvDo Rev. A
Service State: In Service
4G will appear something like this:
Operator: Sprint
Signal Strength: RSRP(dBm): -117 RSRQ(dB): -12
Mobile Network Type: LTE
Service State: In Service
Then go to a Sprint Store and compare Your One connected to LTE next to the One floor display. They should show approximately the same dBm readouts. These read outs are archaic, inaccurate at best, and are HIGHLY subjective. However, at least this way you are comparing apples to apples and have a baseline.
Sprint stores are equipped with a 4G signal repeater, which is why you are getting such a strong signal near there. It may be too strong for a good compare of signal loss over distance and how your phone handles it, but it may give you slight confirmation if your One is achieving a significantly different connection than the floor display at optimal conditions.

Another not so good guess:
If you called Sprint and they thought your 4G settings were not quite configured right on your phone, you could try using to de-activate and then re-activate your One (activate an old device on your phone line then re-activate the One on your phone line). Back up your phone first.
Maybe putting your phone through the hands free activation process and fully re-provisioning your data profiles and account info will help it to re-configure?


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