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Adam kernel for Galaxy S4, GT-i9505, v1.6, is up!

Built from Samsung sources Update2
Init.d support
Busybox (/sbin)
Built with Stock ARM Toolchain 4.6
AutoRoot with SuperSU (If Not Rooted)
CIFS, NFS and NTFS File System built as modules (Stored on “system/lib/modules”)
exFAT sdcard support
Stweak App support
Disabled Wifi multicast for lower battery drain (Thanks to Entropy512 and GokhanMoral)
Tweaked Ondemand CPU Governor for better performance/power balance
Enabled available stock CPU governors (conservative, powersave,interactive)
Disabled Android Logger
Android Logger switch trough Stweaks App (No Reboot required)
Disabled some useless tracers
improved Ondemand CPU Governor tweaks for faster response
Increased timeout for some bad sdcards

Changelog 1.6:
Disabled some useless debuggers
Updated SuperSU to 1.55
Added a Knox security removal



As there are problems in using the stock kernel in his pre-rooted ROM's from MGG onwards, DjeMBeY is holding a poll to see which kernel will be included in his future rooted ROMs and currently the Adam kernel is favourites as it has 2, v1.6, versions... one with Knox removed.

Since there is not much else happening I thought I would give this latest release a go after a nandroid backup and a Hawker, GS4KernelWipe.
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