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Originally Posted by bsquirrell View Post
This is what it says on their site, I have rooted other phones successfully,but as this Galaxy S4 is so expensive, I am a tad nervous, but I hate the bloatware!!
Search results found for: secure lock
FAQ : What is Secure Lock and how can I get help?
MetroPCS is committed to delivering an optimal experience on our phones for our customers and we have added Secure Lock to protect the integrity of the phones sold by MetroPCS. Secure Lock is technology that prevents unauthorized firmware from being installed on MetroPCS phones. Preventing unauthorized firmware helps protect against security threats that may result from third-party firmware that has not been tested by MetroPCS and our equipment [..]
I didn't doubt you regarding "Secure Lock" from Metro and I'm well aware that Metro and other carriers add software that is supposed to stop you from installing "unauthorized firmware" on your phone.

I was just making fun of the fact that despite this "Secure Lock" software, rooting and flashing are working quite well and that their scare tactic is common, familiar and obvious. All you have to do is read the comments posted by other users in this sub forum that have rooted and flashed roms with success. I cant find any reports of users getting the error messages written about in the Metro PCS Secure Lock FAQ. If there was an real issue I feel we would have heard something about it by now. People would have complained, big time.

I see that you've posted about this in the MetroPCS carrier AF sub forum also and seems you basically got a similar answer...

Originally Posted by nintendo4 View Post
Looks like Metro/Tmobile hate unlocked bootloaders and mods like rooting, and Roms. So this may be their tactic to scare us and put sites like Android forums, XDA developers among others out of business.
Worry is common and natural considering the investment made in these devices. I root a device when its available, as a matter of principal, to get the most bang for my buck. You said that you've rooted other phones and im sure you also sure that most of those phones you've owned have had some type of similar software installed too.

I'm tempted to say something like...Man Up Bro!! or Quit Ur Crying!! lol
Instead ill say...

Root if you like....or don't. Its up to you
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