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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
Apple’s strongest horse in this race is the puny letter ‘i.’ They have an iphone, we just have a this phone or a that phone. They have an ipad, we just have a this or a that pad. So the hypnotized believe that nothing has any value if it doesn’t start with a lowercase letter.
We have the cute green robot logo as well as the word "Android". And they're heavily used in advertising and promotion materials for Android phones and tablets. Don't know about elsewhere but that's certainly what happens here.

Where I am, the "i" in iPhone doesn't mean anything. it's the Apple logo that's important. And they also know "píngguǒ shǒujī" 苹果手机, which literally means "apple cellphone".

Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
If Google wanted to get their marketing in gear, they could exploit their own letter: gpad, gphone, gmail, gdrive, gmaps, gtower, and so on.
Google doesn't really market Android to the general public, apart from probably their Nexus devices, device manufacturers do.
The People's Guide to Android in the People's Republic.
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