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Originally Posted by jefboyardee View Post
Apple’s strongest horse in this race is the puny letter ‘i.’ They have an iphone, we just have a this phone or a that phone. They have an ipad, we just have a this or a that pad. So the hypnotized believe that nothing has any value if it doesn’t start with a lowercase letter. If Google wanted to get their marketing in gear, they could exploit their own letter: gpad, gphone, gmail, gdrive, gmaps, gtower, and so on.

Apple’s marketing consistency is all they have right now – knock it down and they’re done.
Apple's doing what Coke, Kleenex and Band-Aid have been doing for years - proliferate a product name to the point where it becomes a part of the American lexicon and any duplicates would be called by that name (instead of it's generic equivalent - cola, tissue, bandage). But why "i"? Doesn't Apple begin with an "a"? Guess they thought about it and didn't want people referring to their product as an a$$-phone!

Good points, though. Personally, I want to hurl every time I hear any cell phone referred to as an "iPhone".
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