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Originally Posted by JustSomeBro View Post
Guys I'm looking at switching from iPhone and iTunes to a HTC One but I have a lot of questions I'm hoping you guys can help me with

1) how do I get my iTunes bought music, movies and TV shows to Android? Does it also do it in the cloud? I listen to my music in the cloud over AppleTV also some TV shows and renting over AppleTV how does this work with Android? Do I need to buy another device for this? And how does music play back sound compared to AppleTV?

2) What is Android comparable iTunes how does this work in Canada? I have no real clue? Is it google play? Does google play in Canada offer cloud base streaming for movies, TV shows and music like iTunes? Is it quality as good?

3) one feature I really like in the HTC One is the sense tv app any Canadians know if this fully works with all the Canadian companies? Bell, Telus, Shaw ect

I'm kinda Android dumb and trying to find out if switch is going to be painful or make things more difficult than what I'm used to with iTunes and apple like turn on appleTV easily access movies, music tv shows or if iTunes in Canada has any leg up on Android serves?
Your music will be no problem, see the many helpful posts in this thread.

Once you copy your music to the Google cloud, the same basic concepts work that you're familiar with, just the apps change, Google Play is the case in point.

Google Play offers a number of services for movies and music. I *believe* most are OK for Canada. Netflix will give you trouble.

Any TV shows or movies purchased from iTunes will only play on Apple devices due to DRM.

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