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Originally Posted by Tlicious1020 View Post
No, you should realize that cheap cases will bleed onto a white antenna. It's like putting cheap wax on a car. You get what you pay for. My cases from Radio Shack, Seidio, and itskins have not caused any problems.
You are making an assumption that he/she was using a cheap case. They didn't specify the case they were using. It may have nothing to do with the case. They said it APPEARS to be taking on the color of the case. We don't know that for a fact yet.

We need more information to help. Personally, I have not seen any issue with the white portions discoloring. I alternate between my Otterbox Defender, or having no case at all on it. I agree that the most likely culprit is the case being used, since I haven't seen any discoloration on a naked one so far (just talking about mine, not the community at large).

Pagdodd, what actual case were you using when you noticed this happening? Were you in a place with high humidity, or did your phone/case get wet at some point? Could be dyes leeching. That would also help determine how to clean it.
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