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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
Let me be the first to say that i might be wrong with the G2's display brightness. This is what i get for trusting Anandtech so much!

Link: LG G2 review: An Android phone like any other | TechHive

The review is crap. But, it did mention how bright the display is and has a picture of G2 in somewhat sunny condition:

So, as of now, i stand corrected. Sorry guys. LG G2 is back on my short, if only Sprint would let me order it! Like i said above, display brightness is a MAJOR point for me due to what i use my phone for.
Anandtech usually does pretty good work, but sometimes makes mistakes. As I said, early software could have been a culprit. Also, not impossible the reviewer didn't understand all the software customizations and turn off auto brightness and pump it up to 11 before taking the measurements.

That's why I like to read as many reviews as possible.
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