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Originally Posted by razrmaxxhd View Post
I just signed up here, although I've been a Droid user for the last 3 yrs or so. So just going to jump in.

My $0.02, I just simply can't get past the fact that, even though you say not to worry, these permissions are being slipped in during an application install, which is just one click beyond reading the reviews and description of an app, a process that is time-consuming and often leads to users getting lazy or impatient at the install stage.

Furthermore, how can we trust a company that drives cars around with cameras on them, taking pictures for the sake of Google Earth? Whose the customer driving that effort? Whose paying for it? With the recent news of NSA access to emails, text messages, gps logs, browser history, how can we be sure Google isn't taking our picture the first few minutes that we've unknowingly accepted the app permissions (eg Chrome, and I am guilty of this myself) and then forwarded that on to NSA at some later date? Wouldn't Google be barred from informing the user, as well as the public, the NSA's letter requesting the data? Keep in mind these letters are likely electronic emails, generated automatically. It wouldn't surprise me if the NSA wants a picture of the owner of every cell phone sold in the US.
I guess I should be even more concern, given I live in an Islamic country, being anti organized religion, government and the widespread corruption, and very vocal about it over sms, social networks and local forums. I wouldn't be surprised if I already had a fat folder with the security services

I look at it from different perspective. The moment I willingly joined to social space, I pretty much forgo the right to certain aspects of my privacy, and I'm aware that all my whereabouts, surfing habits and history, are stored somewhere, ready to be reviewed. That's the trade off for the benefits I get being able to access freely so many things. It really doesn't bother me that much at all, especially when company like Google, would gather some additional information about me.

Secondly, I do really like Google, traveling a lot, I use Google earth street view on countless occasions, which proved itself to be super useful. And thanks to Google collecting Wi-Fi access points and routers' unique MACs, SSIDs, and physical addresses, it really improved Google Maps and localized search, even within the Mall or office complex, where there is no access to GPS. For the convenience of finding places, shops, businesses or eateries, and other stuff I need quickly, privacy it's a not something I worry about. Otherwise, I wouldn't get into Google Ecosystem at all, keep sticker on my front camera and remove battery whenever I don't use the phone. After all, I get all this cool services for free. Can't complain.

You have a great weekend ahead, concern citizen

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