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First let me say I love my One and do not think it has any problems, I am just trying to understand it better.

My question is: does your One lose batter charge when tuned OFF for long periods (like overnight)?

I've always kept my phones "on" at night under the impression that it was best for the battery. Wifi enabled, silent, not plugged in.

My One consistently loses about 5% of a charge (from 100%) between 9pm when I go to bed and 4am when I get up. I'm fine with that.

Last night, I decided to turn the phone off. It was at 77% (after a full day of "my" usage which is very light). When I started it up, the battery read 74%.

I realize that the displayed 77% might have been 76.50% and the displayed 4% might have been 74.49% but I was still surprised to see the drop.

Again, I don't think anything is wrong, I am just trying to understand my phone better.

And I'll do whatever makes the most sense for the health of the battery!

Thanks, kj
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