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Originally Posted by twister6 View Post
No, I wouldn't recommend it for car mounting. This is more of a surface mount stand. Doesn't matter if its even or uneven surface, the bottom joints have non-slip rubber coating and you can adjust legs to compensate for any surface bumps. For car mount, checkout other suction-mount stands I reviewed here:
Ah, dissapointing. I looked through your reviews and the car-mounts all seem to be suction cup. I'm a bit leery of those since I had one with my old Axim PDAs (X5 and X51/X51v) and the only thing that saved them when I hit a pothole was that they were in a Rhinoskin aluminum case (really miss those cases... but then metal case radically drops reception...) of course Technology marches on, so perhaps they've improved (not to mention the Axims were about twice as heavy as the Note2 (and with 500mhz and a qVGA resolution!)

Assuming you had zero insurance and had to replace a $600 phone out-of-pocket, are there any that you would trust with your Note2 on a bumpy road?
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