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Originally Posted by tweak4 View Post
I'm trying to play it, but most week days I really don't differ from my normal routine too much (home->work->pick up son from day care->home), and there are only a few portals I pass those days and they're all pretty high level, so about all I can do is hack them on my way be and collect my 100 points. Needless to say, this makes leveling pretty slow and tedious. Any suggestions on how to do it any faster?
Fortunately, since it's Friday, I can try to get out to a few different areas this weekend and see what I can find!
Another thing you can do is submit portals along your commute route. Landmarks, churches, locally-owned businesses, artwork, statues, murals, etc. all work. You can submit from within the scanner app now and you get AP and a key if your submission goes through. Plus then you will have portals to flip and hack on your way to work/day care!
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