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Originally Posted by erikab60 View Post
Yes, we are having the same problem with the S4. I have done some research on the internet and it appears that it may be an Andorid software problem. No surpirse there!! We are on our third phone in 87 days and if this 3rd one does the same thing I am going back to the Corporate ATT store and demaning them to replace this piece of shit with an iPhone. NO MORE ANDROID PHONES!!!
RIGHT! I'm sure your research must have shown that ALL the Samsung Galaxy S4 phones must have the same problem, because they are all after all running the same Android software... wait... it must be ALL the Android phones that are running Jellybean (not just the S4).

Powerful research!

You should rush back to the corporate ATT store NOW! Similar research has shown that the Android software problems can cause batteries to burst into flames


First post - yep. Off to a wonderful start.
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