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I mean no disrespect to this gentleman, but who knows whats going on at his place. BT uses the crowded 2.4 ghz band and we all know microwaves, wireless routers and other devices can blow out things on this freq.

the op places the phone on some covered up table/book--why? whats the purpose?

your concerns are streaming bt in the car, well your experience can vary as with anything, but again i have zero issues with streaming in the car. i can stand outside of the car and still stream. if i walk away from the car then of course it starts to break up but this is to be expected.

the op uses a logitech gadget, so it could be part of the problem.

there are so many reasons as to why the op in the video is experiencing that. the op, with all due respect, could be a troll or a samsung shill paid to bad mouth the one. there were reports early this year that samsung was paying people to bad mouth the one. i am not saying this is what the op in the video is doing but i dont know. the op could have something rigged up to cause this issue, etc etc etc.

if you want me to personally send you a video demonstrating how the one streams in MY car, i am happy to do so. if you want me to go in my home and stream to my system, i am happy to do so.

i am sure some people are having issues but i dont think that are as dramatic as the video denotes. again i can only speak on my experience with this device and i have not ever had those issues.

one issue the evo 4glte had was broken streaming in the car. the workaround was to make a call (a random call) then hang up and start the stream and all was well. htc fixed this and i never saw it since.

some people have had some bt hiccups in the car and they mention disabling wifi helped. i never had to do this workaround in my car (2012 qx 56) so i cant comment.

yeah i know i went on a rant and i rarely EVER go on such things, but i just wanted to make a point to say dont take everything you read (even my post!) or see online as the LAST WORD--go out and test drive things for yourself.
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