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I went out yesterday to test drive this to then Samsung galaxy 4 but all the wireless dealers here have these fake demo ones that don't work!!! For all their phones, what dumbass came up with this idea? I currently have an iPhone 4 and back then (3 whole years ago) these dealers would have the real phones so a customer can try all the different ones! And in that short time this has completely changed. Isn't this the whole point of retail over online shopping, seeing , feeling, playing with whatever it is your buying over just seeing it and reading stats on it?

Anyways I'm calling Rogers and seeing what their return is so I'm going to order the HTC One this weekend and have it next week, overall I think this device brings everything I want and I've seen some good and easy ways around my iTunes music and googles music to play nice with each other. I just hope that software update happens this month like HTC is saying, I heard you can turn the HTC logo as the button its missing?

Also can you make blink screen you lock screen?


With that sense tv it send notification about reminders about shows? Do you have to go into blinkfeed to see it? And does it show it at the start of the day in blinkfeed so at the start of the day I can see what shows are coming on, if my hockey team is playing today?
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