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Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
We've yet to see how "quick and reliable" the technology is as apples applied it.
See multiple hands-on video, including Anandtech. Quick and reliable are accurate.

Originally Posted by ss1992 View Post
Actually... It is you that seems to be misinformed. Won't cut off a finger? Puhlease people get their fingers and hands cut off for expensive jewelry all the time. Heck do that to about 5 people. That's a used car!

Also yes fingerprint scanning is easy as pie to hack! If you don't wipe off a fingerprint scanner it's a 50/50 chance they can just put their fingers on it and it will open!

There is about 15 well known ways amongst criminals to bypass fingerprint scanners. Like I said, most big government agencies won't even use fingerprint scanners. There's a reason.

And I think most of us could care less about iOS7. That was the lamest feature of the phone.
You miss my point. Basically, you cannot bypass fingerprint by cutting one's finger and using it. See above linked article in post before mine.

Want to bet that it won't be 50/50? This ain't your laptop fingerprint reader. BTW, Bank of America relies on fingerprint to verify and access your account (and your safe deposit box).

iOS7 is a copycat...fine. So, when Samsung et al. come out with 64-bit processors, will you guys say that it is the lamest feature of the phone? Note 3 was rumored to have fingerprint reader...does that make it the 2nd lamest feature of Android?

For me, as a consumer, it is OK to get a product that may not be 1st, but as long as it works better, then i don't give a crap who's first or last. And Android will take a long long time to convert to 64 even make Samsung 64 bit chip be worth a dime! Now, next year, be sure to call Samsung out for being a copycat and adding a useless feature like a 64bit processor with the whole Android still being 32-bit.
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