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Originally Posted by Rxpert83 View Post
We've yet to see how "quick and reliable" the technology is as Apple applied it.

Let's wait til it's actually in peoples hands and really tested before making any claims about how great it is.

We have no clue how easy it is to trick yet
How many of us use PATTERN unlock on our phones? I do. Which do you think is easier to crack? TouchID or Pattern?

Face Unlock? That's secure? Hell no. And so damn finicky even after "training" it that it is absolutely useless.

What if you look over the shoulder of someone entering their PIN? Isn't that a problem? Do you go to a dark corner and enter in the PIN while using the other hand to cover the screen? No.

Anything can be hacked, copied, or stolen. TouchID offers quick access to your phone at the same security level as PIN.

Lets be realistic and not be blinded by fanboyism.
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