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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
How many of us use PATTERN unlock on our phones? I do. Which do you think is easier to crack? TouchID or Pattern?

Face Unlock? That's secure? Hell no. And so damn finicky even after "training" it that it is absolutely useless.

What if you look over the shoulder of someone entering their PIN? Isn't that a problem? Do you go to a dark corner and enter in the PIN while using the other hand to cover the screen? No.

Anything can be hacked, copied, or stolen. TouchID offers quick access to your phone at the same security level as PIN.

Lets be realistic and not be blinded by fanboyism.
We're not being blinded by fanboyism lol. If anything it seems like you are.

Incomplete but it seems to me 5S is losing much. Fingerprint scanner? Woooohhhhhooo! Maybe Wozniak will finally dump android for it (Ħlol!)

Now we can all shut up about the stupid 64 bit processor. Sorry to say but Samsung would have actually made sure they could have benefited from the 64 bit. Just saying.

Just for laughs

My own 2˘.. Woopy colors other than black or white!
To bad I had a lime green iPhone 4 front and back with the decepticons logo from Amazon for $35. Get real Apple. I'll allow the specs to defend the phone themselves.
Compare if you'd like.,Samsung-Galaxy-S4/phones/7710,7597

Comparisons anyone?

Here's the facts.. Apple is lazy. Apple uses gimmicks to fool their fanboys, where as Android takes care of their fanboys. This has been proven for years now.
Apple has given an unusable feature to their consumers.
Apple does not allow you to have real control.
Apple is closed off from everything. Closed source=less secure.
You can not download files from the Internet. (not even with jailbreak)
Safari over rules all browsers on the iPhone.
There is only the Appstore. Nothing else at all. (unless jailbroken)
Looks almost exactly the same.
Tries to Dazzle people with a Gold back and sides. Like their consumers are monkeys and they're jingling keys in their face as entertainment. Lol
Those were the cons.

Here are the pros..
TouchID (debatable)
Stable.. Eh. (most higher end androids are just as stable)
Slightly faster.
It's Apple.. :screwy:

I was an apple fanboy for years until I jailbroke. Then I saw how much of a turd it was.
And for the record I'm an Ubuntu fanboy not android. Just to be clear on that..

Sorry to tear your assessment down like that but facts are facts.
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