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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
Doesn't that apply to just about everyone? Didn't 4.2.2 broke a few things? No one is perfect...and yeah, updates is why they are called updates.

I am sure that iOS7 will have issues that will be addressed on subsequent updates. I was referring to the other "controversial" issues (TouchID, camera, and A7). I am not saying that iOS7 is pioneering fact, i wrote multiple times that it is a copy Android (and Windows).
64-bit computing in the mobile space - if that's not pioneering, it'll do until pioneering happens.

And the Apple A7 processor doesn't exist in a vacuum - it exists as part of that space.

And 4.2.2 breaking things isn't on par with my complaint. I'm not saying that it must happen - but I am saying that new Apple stuff at this level has a track record of going beyond breaking things and screwing the pooch.

That's not a secret and it's better known as a fact within the Apple camp than outside of it.

After years of not changing and improving QA on that level, I'm simply saying to give it a chance. I'll be paying zero attention to performance comparisons, pro and con, with the A7/64-bit until after at least one revision update.

Apple has a far, far better, but again not perfect like anyone else, track record on cameras. What's with the new lens? Will they stick to the expensive multi-coating of the past or cut corners in production? Do you think that the media experiences are being vetted as well since Steve Jobs passed away?

I expect the blogosphere to love the camera. I'll continue to wait to see for myself.

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