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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
Read it again...48 hrs or rebooting. But, is this any different from what you do now with ANY smartphone? The difference is that TouchID allows for QUICK and RELIABLE unlock while still maintaining strong security, on par with PIN.

What do WE Android users have? Face Unlock crap? That is the biggest joke! I can't believe Google actually came out with that crap! That is a problem when software and hardware don't match a damn! Pattern unlocking? Oh yeah, just look at the smear on the display and voila! Instant access.

Be fair guys. Give credit where it is due. Unlike recent past, Apple did good this time around. They have managed to surge ahead of competition where it counts...customer interface and future proofing. What has Samsung added that is worthwhile this year? Eye scrolling crap that only works sometimes and requires perfect conditions to work. They can't even make a chip worth owning!
You should do a little reading.

Security is as strong as the weakest link. Saying what apple released is "strong security, on par with PIN" doesn't mean anything to a sophisticated thief.

And when apple says "Passcodes and the "slide to unlock" options will remain as backups if, for example, you're wearing gloves and can't access Touch ID." I know that it takes one tap for me to bypass biometric ID and get right to cracking the PIN. So no time wasted here.

And for you to say apple "surged ahead" is quite humorous when the Motorola Atrix had fingerprint unlock 2 years ago and something called an HP Ipaq had it 8 years ago. Of course now you will say apple made it "QUICK and RELIABLE" - but of course you've never seen it or used it.
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