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Originally Posted by tigmd99 View Post
Well, difference is that my opinions are formed around well-reasoned facts and/or well-known sources.

If your criteria is true, then why have a thread about 5S at all? Should you restrict it till 9/20 and only for those with purchase receipt?

The point is that one should have knowledge based on verifiable source. Do you not agree?

This is a community resource.

Posts flow unrestricted so long as our rules for polite decorum are followed - and only because that just makes it more fun for everyone.

You're free to believe that you have the market cornered on the truth.

Just respect that others have the right to same freedom. No sources out there are going to allow you to ignore that right.

Knowledge and wisdom flows from many sources.

Many of your well-reasoned facts on the A7 for example - if I were you, I'd wait before continuing to claim how it's destroying everything out there.

But you do what you think best.

Up until the point that others rights here are involved.

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