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Originally Posted by distortedloop View Post
So in other words you turned off the three unique software features that are the only reasons to have the innovative x8 chip set, which is the only thing that makes the Moto X/Mini/Ultra/Maxx an interesting device.
True, I turned them off to test why I was draining 24% a day with no data, screen activity, or phone calls. When I did so it drained 2-3% per day. I wanted to test Motorola's claim of upto 25 days battery life on standby. I rarely can go a day without my phone so I didn't yet get to test turning them back on one at a time.

If it's determined that one specific app, such as the voice listener can be turned off and in return I'd get two more hours of full brightness netflix playback on top of the already incredible battery life, I'll be doing just that!

I know this isn't needed either, but I put Juice Defender (paid version) on as an experiment. I only do manual syncs, no social media. Thus far it's great. I like that it can auto enable data whenever I enter certain pre-specified application then it shuts it right off. I don't know if I'm really saving anything: is an available (totally dormant) data connection use any more power than just a cellular signal?

I also disabled all the Verizon / Motorola tracking phone home services using Titanium Backup. I find it somewhat disturbing that whenever people on the Motorla forum report an issue, the motorola reps say to private message them their IMEI #, and they will look through their history to see will what is happening. Some may find that to be a great feature, but I would rather enable that if needed rather than have it on by default.
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