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what do you mean when "the charging screen is on"? What is the charging screen?

are these issues happening WHILST the phone is plugged in and charging? if off charge do these issues still occur?

are you using AC power or USB power from a computer?

does this issue happen on ANY USB cable you use?

if plugged into a wall, are you using the htc wall adapter or 3rd party?

are you using a desktop stand rto charge?

you are in a different country in the US based on your avatar, is the voltage there 220?

how long have you had this phone? when did these issues start? did you install or uninstall any apps prior to these issues?

sounds like a temporary issue that may be remedied by a soft reset. hold the phones power button until the phone counts down to zero, screen goes blank and then it reboots. once it reboots, let go of the power button.

kindly provide as much info as possible as it's hard to diagnose over the internet.
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