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Ok, tell me if media and bloggers are not bias.

When Samsung came out with Exynos 5 OCTA, everyone was excited. When OCTA proved to be underperforming, no one said anything. When OCTA had technical issue (as pointed by Anandtech), no one said a word. And now that we know that OCTA is a horrid failed experiment by Samsung, no one say anything. I believe that we are now on a 3rd version of OCTA in less than one year! Yes, the 3rd version of a defective chip design. Not a single negative press.

Is it any wonder why Apple and Qualcomm do not use A15-Cortex!

This is Samsung, the premier chip designer and manufacturer failing miserably. They now use only OCTA in their GS4 heading to lesser markets!!

Did anyone complain or b!tch that Samsung put Qualcomm S600 chip into their flagship GS4? Did anyone notice that Samsung had to use its MAIN competitor in chip design in their own phone?? S600 is considered a 2nd tier chip from Qualcomm...and this is in Samsung' flagship. I know...when GS4 came out, S800 (top end chip) was not ready...but did Samsung care? No, they wanted to beat Apple and match HTC to market. (Interestingly, S600 easily matches Exynos 5 OCTA performance, which is pure fail in Samsung's face...a competitor's 2nd rate chip matching [sometimes beating] its own chip.) Did ANY blogger or media complain? Nope.

Apple puts their top chip into ALL their flagship iPhones. All 5S will have A7. No exception anywhere in the world. Apple designed this chip on their own. It is also a 64 bit chip. Everyone cried foul. There were rare exceptions of people-in-the-know to put the brake on all the negative/hate press.

And when Samsung a day later announced that they will do a 64 bit chip sometime in the future (but not too soon!), everyone in Android rejoice! Yet, maybe i missed it, but i did not see ONE mention that Android itself is far far from making that 64-bit conversion. (This is one benefit of Apple controlling both software and hardware.) So, yeah, Samsung 64-bit Exynos 6 may be ready in 2014-2015, but it will be hampered by a 32-bit OS. Did anyone ever thought of that? Why no criticism?

Did anyone mention that Samsung "statement" of 64 bit chip (not even reality) was pure marketing??? I don't see that any of you say that. Why not?
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