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Siri can be beat on any device. Google Now is close, Sher.Pa is even better. then there is Alice, which imitates Siri and also uses Wolfram Alpha--the thing with Alice and Android, however, you can change the voice it uses, while Apple users are stuck with only one. i quite enjoy using a UK accent or Aussie accented voice.

The Galaxy S3 is a great device without the Touchwiz bloat, in fact, with an otter box and white model it easily passes for an iPhone and works well for a former Apple user such as myself. and in Android, i can incorporate any feature i miss from iOS, while preserving the customizations of Android. what more could i ask for? my iPhone never really crashed but i did have issues with gameplay lag and stutter in my Pinball apps, that is not a problem with the GS3. other times, i'd open an app, get a loading screen, then the home screen. a second tap worked fine. a bit annoying. third, although the camera is the least used feature, when i feel the need to use it, such as to take a reference shot of a project i'm working on so i know what goes where when i put it back together, it helps that the camera is a good one. the 'iSight' camera built into my iPhone 4 was horrible. Very low quality shots. my flip phone from 2009 could do better.

My Nexus 10 though, it absolutely blows the iPad away on so many grounds it isn't even a contest. Also, with more and more formerly iOS-exclusives now being ported over to Android, i find myself picking up my past iOS products less and less lately.
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