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When I started this thread it was prior to the phone coming out. I wanted to hear what people had to say before I bought it. Unfortunately no one cared to get it in their hands before it came out and give it a thorough review. Honestly, it doesn't matter at all what anyone thinks of it at this point. All that matters is what I think of it.

I'm beyond my 15 day return period and kept the phone not on the opinion of Phonedog or CNet or any other reviewer. I kept it because I reviewed it after I bought it. I put it through its paces. I pushed it in "MY REAL WORLD". It passed every test with flying colors.

Reviews are important after purchase sometimes because it influences those who have not yet bought one to buy one in hopes that if enough people buy one the developers will be interested enough to help root and ROM our phone. In other words, the more people that have it, the more interest it will acquire from those that really know what they are doing.

We bypassed this hurdle with "bounty for root". We don't need everyone to fall in love with this device. We've paid a bounty to get what we want. Now that it's here, there will be those that will build off of it.

I'm not an iSheep. I don't need everyone to be envious of my phone to make me feel like I got a good phone. I'm not a Samsung fanboy that has an Oedipus complex about Apple. I'm a real world user that is educated and informed about my phone. I know what it's limits are and I know where it stands when I use it.

It's screen is better than any screen that I've ever had, it's snappier than any device that I've ever used (if you don't believe me open Facebook and flick your finger, it will scrool seemingly forever), and it's battery is the top of the line compared to ANY other phone EVER period. My radios are stronger than I've ever expeirienced. The device fits MY hand well. I like it's build quality, no more plasticy "don't you dare drop me" feelings. You can say it "only" has 32GB of space and 24GB of that is usable and it doesn't have an SD card. Yep. I don't care. If you don't like it, DON'T BUY IT! It works fine for me after I reviewed it.

Bottom line, when those who review phones stopped simply reviewing products based on features and started imposing "their opinions", they stopped reviewing and started writing editorials.

Consider this thread closed to me. I really don't care what anyone else thinks. I know what I've got and it's the best on the market for ME right now.
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