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Originally Posted by chrisv79 View Post
Engadget Review is up.

Motorola Droid Maxx review

Why are all these reviewers getting so hung up on the price? Samsung charged $299 for the 32GB S4, Apple always charges $299 for their 32GB iPhone. Nobody seems to complain about that. But the Maxx offers 32GB, huge battery, wireless charging, and better build for the $100 premium over the ultra. I guess when all they can bitch about is the price, it must be a pretty good phone.
I think the hangup every reviewer has on price is that they're still participating in the "spec-war". The S4 came out with a quad-core and a 1080p screen, and while I doubt there is a significant performance difference between the two phones, such a big descrepancy on paper will make anyone looking at cost cringe. I do agree with you on the apple comparison, but everyone who buys one of those knows they're paying the "apple-tax".

At the end of the day, Moto was not as aggressive on pricing as they should have been, this is even more exacerbated by the LG G2 with it's 1080p screen, S800 quad-core, 32GB, wireless charging (on VZW), 3,000mah battery (compared to the Maxx's 3,500mah), and better camera with OIS all for $100 cheaper.

All in all, Moto made a great phone, but them and VZW failed us on pricing.
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