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Originally Posted by DMXXX View Post

So I'm thinking about getting this phone but I have some worries. Like many I imagine, I've struggled to decide between the S4 and the HTC One. I've more or less settled on the S4, so feel free to encourage me futher.

However, the thing that currently worries me is rooting. I've just read that the newest firmware includes some sort of bootloader wizardry making the unlocking of it impossible. So, does this mean that if the phone that I get has this firmware I might not be able to ever root and install custom ROMs? Furthermore, I'm confused about the whole efuse thing. It's some sort of thing that once triggered can never be reset and indicates that you have tinkered with the bootloader thus permanetly voiding warranty, I gather?

Does the HTC One also suffer from rooting difficulties?

And finally, are there any more elusive sore spots that I might've missed while checking out the phone? Any sort of unusual device specific issues really.

Whilst it is true that the latest S4 firmwares that are being rolled out, do have a locked bootloader and the Knox security feature, there are already dev's working on it to allow rooting and custom ROMs. It has only been less than 2 weeks so we must give them time. Already, one dev, chainfire, has a rooting kernel available and it should not be too long before the new, hidden, flash counter that is contained in Knox and controlled by efuse is cracked. See post #1 of Locked bootloader & Knox security on latest firmwares, for the latest info and more information on this topic.

This has been done by Samsung to make the phone more appealing, security wise, to governments and corporate business's. I would not be surprised if HTC and other leading handset manufacturers do not follow suit in light of this, if they wish to impact on the BYOD market.


Thanks to dev's such as chainfire and DjeMBeY is now possible to root and flash custom ROMs to the latest firmware releases mentioned above. See...

Rooting Galaxy S4 - Dummies Guide

DjeMBeY ROM's i9505 - Dummies Guide
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