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Originally Posted by The_Chief View Post
Well Atrain, you can't blame the sales folks: they are trained to make a sale TODAY, not try to get you back in the store in 3 days or next week and lose you to another sales rep. This was a corporate decision (and I'm not saying it's indicative of all phone carriers, just mine).

That's why the Note 2 is still on display in our stores here: that's what the reps know to sell. I doubt if half of them even know the Note 3 is coming out in 3 weeks. They'll know when it hits: maybe the day before they will get a features sheet to study so they know the selling points... but that's about it
Very good points. And I certainly don't blame the sales reps.

I can only speak from emotion on this one and maybe I'm an Anticipation Junky, but getting my hands on that phone, even for a half hour at a time made me want it that much more. For those like me, I hope the wait for release day is's going to have to be. With that said, I'm counting down the days, my friend.
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