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Due to the nature of the business here in the U.S. AT&T as well as Verizon, the two largest carriers, tend to be victims of their own success. As many of us know the smartphone business is exploding, the growth rate challenging these two major carriers to keep up.

The two biggest challenges they have are building out their respective hi speed networks, and hiring enough customer service reps to handle the onslaught of calls coming in from those who in many cases have no clue about the new smartphone they've just purchased.

As such, getting all these new employees trained is a daunting task. One that takes time. As a result when we call in its a bit of a gamble as to just who we might be dealing with, and what they're level of knowledge is.

The technique I use is to call in, if I get someone who is helpful and knowlegeable I continue with them. If I get someone with little knowledge or a difficult attitude I thank them, hang up and call right back knowing I'll get someone else that is likely to help me.
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