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Originally Posted by taxiron1 View Post
My guess is that it has something to do with the U.S. and UK carriers not getting it for contractual, competitive or marketing reasons.Remember, VZW, AT&T , T Mobile, Vodafone, Rogers, etc. all sell multiple brand phones. They may have a marketing agreement that they cant sell a certain phone unles at least 2 other competitors have the same features, or something crazy like that. My bet is that the 64gb model lands in Asia.
I don't quite believe that though. ATT and Verizon both got 32gb versions of the S4, while Sprint and T-Mobile did not. Those are the 4 major carriers in the US.

I think it purely comes down to the highest bidder and how high they are willing to go, in order for the OEM's to make the higher memory versions for those particular carriers. In ATT and Verizon's case, it makes sense that they bid high to get the 32gb versions, to offer their customers, because they're the #1 and #2 carriers in the US and the probability of their selling those versions, to make a profit for all involved, might be higher than Sprint and T-Mobile.

That's why part of me thinks that if there is a carrier that might get the higher memory version, it'd be Sprint putting out the money to get the Note 3 in 64gb form. When the Note 2 was released, it was actually the most popular device, next to the iPhone, on Sprint. I'm hoping that my logic is correct, as I've been on Sprint for 13 years.

That all said, this is really just hypothetical. We'll see what the final outcome is, once Sprint has "officially" made a statement about the Note 3, which they still have yet to do (other than signing up for notification when it's actually available for sale).
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