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Originally Posted by zendroid View Post
Not really. It may seem a bit early to be including it in a smartphone, yet I'd rather have it, than not. I also celebrate the fact that Samsung uses standard connectors, not proprietary over priced connectors like Apple does.
In the future when we dock our phones into our cars and they control them for us there will be a need for a faster protocol but for now I still think its overkill. True I'd rather have the fastest and latest on my phone but the only reason I can think of to dock the phone for any reason is to transfer files to and from the phone and USB 2 is faster than both the onboard and external memory we have available to us.

I think drex has it nailed when he said the only benefits may be for charging. Eventually we'll be glad we have it I'm sure, but in the world I live in (and will use the phone in) the 2.0 will meet my needs.

The 64 bit architecture is in the same boat but even though right now nothing will take advantage of it I'm still happy its there. I bet we'll see some OS modifications that will at least take advantage of that sooner or later and the next generations of phones will add it too just to keep up with sammy and once its out there devs will look to use it.
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