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Originally Posted by twospirits View Post
Its funny, when I was younger I wore a watch and was always asked the time but the watch stopped working. I then for some reason got a new one and started wearing it on the other wrist and folks thoughts that was weird. then in my mid 20's I stopped completely.

I don't need a watch, but for some crazy strange reason I really want this Gear. (or at least see it in person)

Perhaps you might want to wait until early next year for Gear 2 Just read this: Samsung planning Galaxy Gear 2 for CES or MWC launch

As for the whole concept of smartwatch, and I hope soon we are going to have a separate section for it on AF , once you understand it's functionality - you will realize that you can't live without it lol!!! I have been using my MetaWatch for a few months now, and can't imagine a day at work without it. At home, I take my watch off and "disconnect" it from the phone so I don't drain battery. At work my phone is always on mute (I get phone call notifications on my wrist), I have all my home/work email notification going straight to my phone so I discretely glance at my wrist during meeting to see who sent me email, I have all my calendar notifications and text messages pop-up on my watch, I have today's weather and 3-day forecast on my watch screen and also battery percentage of the phone indicator. I control my bluetooth speakers from my watch where I can skip through playlist of songs on my phone. I also no longer forget my phone in the car (where I use it as GPS) since I get a buzz on my wrist when phone left behind; and in general when I'm driving I just glance at my wrist to see who sent me email, etc. instead of playing with a phone.

That is a principle of smart watch - not to replace your smart phone but to be it's remote extension where you keep your phablet in the pocket or the purse or somewhere buried under the papers on your desk and get notifications which you can act upon if you decide to explore email/messages further.
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