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Originally Posted by redpill2016 View Post
I'm curious about peoples' thoughts on wireless charging. I'm coming from an iPhone so the whole idea is new to me.

- Is it worth the expense?
Only you can answer that for you. For me, yes it is, although it is not cheap in any way.

- Are there any downsides (slower charging, etc)?
Yes. Apart from the initial outlay cost, it is generally slower to charge than a regular connection wired connection. It's ideal for overnight charging in my opinion. Just lay your phone down on your bed side table and it charges.

- Is the special case/back bulky? Does it prevent you from using any other cases?
The new Samsung S-View wireless charging case is apparently about a millimetre more bulky than the non wireless S-View case.

- Are the charging pads generic? Brand recommendations?
Yes, Qi make a generic pad that will work with the S-View case for the Note 3
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