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Default Moving apps to external SD versus internal memory

I dont fully understand this issue. Please help me out.

Example, I have Motorola Droid Bionic. The first real LTE smartphone out there. Its has 16GB internal storage and a external sd slot, in which I have a 64GB card. My droid is running Android 4.1.2. I believe that the 16GB is split into two 8GB chunks thought.

I have the option within any app setting to "Move to Internal Storage" "Move to phone". Is this moving to/from SD card?

When I look at my SD card, of course I see saved movies, mp3, photos. but there is an android data directory also.

I have apps that save data (like Titanium Backup or KeePassDroid) to the removable SD card.

Can someone explain the memory structure on the Note 3 vs Bionic. are they different or the same. When I move apps to the SD card on my Bionic.. am I really only moving to the 2nd 8GB chunk or onto the 64GB card I have. thanks
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