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Originally Posted by drexappeal View Post
No problem. That's a big reason why many of the OEM's no longer add microSD slots on their devices. It's not really a "confusing" move (maybe only for general consumers that don't really comprehend the tech or haven't read up on it enough), it was actually quite calculated by Google because of 1) Having people rely more on cloud storage (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc...) and 2) Cleaning up any potential performance issues, due to apps/programs needing to run from an external drive (which, in essence, the microSD provides). I personally do not like relying on cloud storage because internet connection has not become fluid enough, for my tastes, to know that I can access my files anywhere and everywhere I go, without a hitch. I much prefer downloaded/stored files locally (whether on internal or external storage).

As for rooting the device in order to switch the protocol to identify the internal as external and vice versa, I think it purely depends on need. Based on NZtechfreak's thread (So I had half a weekend to play with the Note 3, what did I think? [Z1/808/S4 cam comparison too]), 25gb of usable storage should actually suffice for me. Of course, my preference is always for as much storage space as possible, but 25gb useable as compared to the 10gb useable on the Note 2, provides for a lot more flexibility.

And just to clarify, one would already have 96gb of storage (regardless of rooting), which would actually translate to 84gb (based on the "usable"/available storage space). It's just a matter of determining, for each individual, if it's more crucial to have the internal storage bigger vs. the external. For me personally, I'd prefer having the same amount...but in settling with the 25gb usable internal (of the 32gb), that should be enough for apps/games/video player downloads (e.g. Flixster) that I use personally, while still being able to store music/pictures/video files on my microSD card, that can play from there without a hitch.
Props for the helpful answer. If indeed some of the apps I used to use (funny how we download apps/games.. then after time we stop using them) on my Bionic are not working properly and need to be within the remaining 16GB of the internal memory, then I would agree that 25GB is probably enough. I dont use much cloud storage yet, certainly not for music. So if the external SD can hold my media files (music, movies, ebooks, photos, etc) then I'm good as well. I do convert some of my own purchase movies into mp4 to play (not to share). So as long as I can use a video player on those files (from the external SD) I'm happy. Is that how it works on the GS4 and N3?
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