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Default Unable to transfer videos or music via NFC

Hi Everyone,

For some reason I can't figure out how to send a song or a video file to another HTC One using NFC. Bluetooth works fine, and my NFC connections with other phones work fine as well...but as soon as I try to send a video via NFC to another HTC One nothing happens.

What DOES happen, is after the phones are held together, I get the telltale vibration and the ensuing screen that shrinks slightly and requests "Touch to Beam". What will happen is that on the receiving phone, the gallery will open but no video will come through.

If I try to send a song, I do the same thing and his Music app will open but no song will transfer.

Meanwhile, I'll get a NFC song sent to me from a Note 2 or S3 without any problems, but when I try to send something to them, their Google PLay Store opens and gives them an "App not found" error.

Pictures work fine. I can send and receive photos by NFC with zero problems.

Any ideas?
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