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Originally Posted by El Presidente View Post
Sorry, but that's way OTT. You're also implying I require mental help?

Do you keep your bank cards in your wallet?

What's worse? Keeping sensitive data on a device that's protected by a pin/passcode/finger print scanner or keeping your bank/credit card in your wallet? Both are easily lost or stolen, but the cards blatantly display sensitive sort code and account information.
You can't declare fraud, charge-back, reclaim and have your data that may or may not be encrypted, reissued in a way that's safe from compromise. *Your Device*

You can do all of these, on your bank cards. *Credit, Debit, examples that comply*

While I don't necessarily agree with stating users have a mental problem with keeping extremely sensitive information on them, I have been surprised time and time again. Some people carry information that can potentially cause you identity theft, or loss of income, outside of the bank. (Birth Certificates, Social Security Numbers, et centra.) Materials that can be extremely risky, shouldn't be uploaded to a phone. I don't think your fingerprint is that 'sensitive', for anyone can get yours, just wait. Grab of a door handle, a glass, almost any surface, your print is either easy to get without materials, or with materials normally limited to investigators.

I have been able to crack, hack, whatever you want to call it, sensitive data that can ruin a person's life, from their cell phone. I always give them a look of disapproval when I find this stuff, because it's easier to manipulate, than a bank account, where fraud can lead one to arrest, if caught. (Do not judge my character on this, these are just my thoughts, my worst sight, is seeing someone lose anything. I hate and fear loss.)

Having any personal data, and then losing that device, opens you up to so many problems, unless you have means to disable the android, or remotely destroy all information on there. I do not sponsor or recommend any service, free or not, as I have never experienced this kind of problem, as my last phone went missing back in 2005, and it was an old Virgin Mobile Nokia, which model escapes me at the moment, but it was a really old phone that did not have any applications, or anything short of phone, text messages and games. I do not like having any mobile banking, work, items, even e-mail and the like, on my phone. *With the rare indulgence to Starbucks, and that's because I am being given free food and drinks, the only thing linked on that application, is my card, which is not linked to any other bank accounts* In the end, it's really the end user who's ultimately responsible for keeping whatever data they do, on a mobile device, instead of their 'safe-house/home/work/wherever'.
I would not mind using a fingerprint to utilize my phone, however, for some reason, I tend to cut my fingers quite a bit, through habitual nibbling, stabbing with raw hardware, paper cuts, chemical burns, life, to the point I am not confident the technology would do too much good. Perhaps in the hands of Government, Corporates and High-Security users, maybe, but I was under the impression that this type of tech was readily available.

Now, for Legal reason, I do not necessarily see how the fingerprint invalidates your fifth right for the United States, other than the fact your print shouldn't be on there...and I highly doubt that one single piece of 'evidence', can link you to something, there has to be more, and without a reasonable doubt...however, I am not a legal expert, perhaps one can shed some light.

For other countries and different law enforcement statues, I am not certain this will go over too well, where a single print on let's say, a bullet, lands you ten years in the slammer.

I would like the idea of challenging, besides with a fingerprint, asking a question or requesting a personal identification number, that changes the more you use the device. Let us say that you put your finger in, and it asks for your favorite color, or you open it and instead of a finger print, it asks for that PIN, and vice-verse, keep it continuously changing, to hamper almost any risk of it being compromised. I wonder if that is even possible, that way no fool can lose their print, and their phone, along with their data.

On the privacy part that some users are complaining about for who knows why, if you have nothing to hide, stop acting like it. I am so sick of hearing the same bull about privacy, and privacy and more privacy, face it, in world of today and tomorrow, as social media and technology advances, your privacy is gone as you know it. If you thought that there is such a free thing on Facebook, Twitter, et centra, think again.

Why Social Media is Not Free - American Marketing Association
Hubbytes - Why Social Media is Not Free!
(Pretty sure there is a lengthier article somewhere...)

The day that my device is lost, is the day I simply failed to keep track of my stuff, it happened once, lesson learned, and never again.
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