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Originally Posted by dynomot View Post
While this is undoubtedly true, I think you miss two points. One Android is meant to be Google's (not Samsung's) "Open Source" operating system. Now how open is "Open" is open to debate, but you get my point.
The issue here isn't to do with the licensing of the code though is it?

Originally Posted by dynomot View Post
A new firmware has decreased it a usability for us. Are we entitled to compensation?
Only if you install it. If you don't, you are no worse off than when you bought your phone. Having said that, if I were just about to buy an S4, this would definitely put me off. I am disappointed that Samsung has chosen to do this but it will only affect my future purchasing decisions. I am very happy with my S4 regardless of what Samsung now decides to do.

Originally Posted by dynomot View Post
Personally I find the excuse of warranty voiding simply by rooting as disgusting. It is a cop out, and here in the UK at least very dubious legally.
I'm completely with you here and I do not believe that this would stand up in court.

I have to say that I do think this is actually quite a clever security control that will appeal to businesses and I think Samsung's decision is probably a commercially sensible one for them.
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