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I live / work in a multi-platform environment. As an enthusiast & mobile computing & communications technologist, I make every effort to be platform neutral. True confessions reveal I'm a laptop addict (requiring all the computing power possible) with smartphones being a very close second. I've had every iPhone to date, but find the new 5S uninspiring, too small, and as usual extremely overrated.

Reading about and observing my counterparts Android experiences being similar to yours, I've held out until Android ver 4.x.x arrived.

I'm very happy to report my Galaxy S4 is simply stellar. Battery life is amazing (16 hrs of intensive use) I've been so impressed that within days I promptly purchased a fun, fast and incredibly capable 32GB Nexus 7.2 that blows away my iPad mini.

Fueled by these two, and being a highly mobile power user that uses it extensively, I've pre-ordered an AT&T Note 3. Without hesitation, I have no doubt the N3 will meet my every need with it's larger display being very welcome.

At this juncture I've already promoted my S4 to my primary smartphone, and will move it onto my secondary line once my Note 3 arrives. My iPhone 5 has been relegated to offline & placed with Gazelle. I thought I'd miss it, but it hasn't even come to mind.

The sheer joy and increased productivity I'm enjoying with Android is wonderful.

I've done my part and studied it, the reward is exemplary.
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